Bafis & Partners Architects
Residency, Atalanti


The owner, farmer with tradition in cotton cultivation, set aside part of the field to build a family house. With the philosophy of the farmhouse and configuration that would serve all the needs of the family, We designed a two store dwelling.

The open lobby and entrance (1st level) is in continuity with the dining area and kitchen located in elevation (2nd level) and communicates directly with the open and semi-open space around the house. Located on the mezzanine (3rd level), are the children dormitories and a bathroom. On the first floor (4th level) is the dormitory parents (master room), which openly communicates with the 5th level through stairs where the office and the library are located. The basement, on two levels, has a guest-room, play-room, bathroom and all the necessary house equipment. All materials used are ecological.The overall design is based on traditional Greek architecture with seamless and sometimes, imperative perimeter function. The outdoor stone main entrance but also the stone built semi-open spaces and perimeter pergolas, contribute to the complexity of the surface of the building.

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