Bafis & Partners Architects
Vacation house in Mani, Greece


A Robust Mani construction meets the needs of today and blends in complete harmony with the historic district. All materials used in construction were ecological.

By adding an extra floor we achieved to to house a family of five for the holiday season in a surface of 80,00 m2 with a mezzanine. We improved the appearance of the existing dwelling, which is opposite a greek historic site, with respect to the traditional landscape. The house consists of two dormitories, a bath, a loft that serves as the third cubicle, living room, kitchen and ample balconies, set to improve the existing “anarchic” construction, others were converted to semi-open spaces and others equipped with pergolas. The central idea of ​​the design was a traditional exterior design building, to serve as “cover” of a non-traditional pre-existing building, but also to offer modern comforts interior. The magnificent view of the sea and Taygetos (one of the most Sacred Mountains Greek) is unique.

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