Bafis & Partners Architects
Qahwa Coffee Bar


A café of different philosophy than usual. Classic case of industrial design. The qahwa situated in pedestrian street of Egaleo available for morning and afternoon excursions. The aim of the café bar is to “refresh” the area of ​​Egaleo a different design, while offering a different world flavors in coffee.

The area has changed radically since the existing glass windows have been replaced with wooden frames, all designed by Bafis architects. The interior is a complex piece which combines a living room, planting a small staircase that leads to the highest level and toilets. The decor was approached with sensitivity to the issue of recycling materials using old pallets, thereby reducing manufacturing costs significantly. The premises stand in harmony with cement. Within a small space 2 different functions were created. One for coffee production and one for serving the clients. The old floor on the upper level and wc were maintained from the old construction as a brilliant example of old construction methods. On the right section of the store, the treated palette created bar operates as bulk production. The same construction with asymmetrical boards became the living room that separates this space with the space of wc. In the left pane of the store a wall of pallets serves as selling point. The name of the cafe derives from the Arabic word QAHWA (Kaffa), which is part of the original Arabic name of coffee, qahwat al-būnn, wine of the grain, which refers to the fact that coffee is used as a substitute for wine, and the Quran prohibits alcohol. When coffee first came to Europe it was known as “Arabian wine”. Another version attributes the name of coffee in the Kingdom of Kaffa, a region of Ethiopia where it began to be used as coffee. The signal of the store, for which also took care of our office, from the compound of caffeine and blends with the overall philosophy.

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